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We've teamed up with Ecologi!
We've teamed up with Ecologi!

We've started on our sustainability journey with Ecologi. This means we are committed to planting trees with every order made! Let's make a difference together.

For more information contact us today - or to check out our growing forest visit : https://ecologi.com/creativepromotions

We're so excited about this initiative, and extremely pleased we can make this difference through every day sales and commitment to the environment.

Aside from planting trees, we also stock a huge range of ECO friendly products - check them out here: https://creativepromotions.co.uk/recycledproducts

Thank you from everyone at the Creative Promotions team.

Get branded golf balls for your next golf event!
Get branded golf balls for your next golf event!

Golfing season is upon us and what better way to get into the swing of things than by promoting your brand right on the balls at your next golfing event. Contact us today for more information on our golfing promotional products and get set-up for your next big event!


Here's some more information you may be interested in about branding your balls:


Q: What is the smallest text able to be printed on to golf balls?

A: This is dependant upon the text font or style that you require and so it is not possible to suggest a universal minimum font size. Pad printing is very sharp and small sizes of text can be printed. As a starting point though, if you print out the logo to a maximum print size of 24mm diameter on your own good quality laser printer  and the text is too small to read then it will not be any easier to read when it is printed on to a golf ball!


Q: Can you print full colour process on to golf balls?

A: Yes we can but I do not recommend this on some full colour logos. We always like to view the full colour logo before confirming that the commercially acceptable, desired results can be achieved on a pad print on to a golf ball. Basically full colour process logos are made up of a series of dots, combinations of which result in the appearance if tints and shading to make up the logo. 

Due to the pad print process and the limited print area, when certain full colour process logos are printed, the resultant print can appear “dotty” and therefore unacceptable. Text printed full colour is never as “sharp” as when it is printed in spot colour because it is made up of a series of dots as opposed to a solid print.

This can cause problems when for example a full colour logo has text within the logo.

Best to show us the full colour logo first and upon our advice to then manage your own customer’s expectations.


Q: Can you print more than one logo on golf balls?

A: Yes we can print in two positions on golf balls, this is traditionally called a two pole print.


Q: Can you print photos on golf balls?

A: This is the same answer as with full colour process printing. Usually the best way of doing this is to have the photo redrawn to a one colour version and then print it.


Q: How are the balls packaged?

A: Logo golf balls are always packed into card sleeves of three golf balls. The outer boxes are mainly in dozen outers, so four sleeves of three balls in the outer. Certain budget golf balls are packed into fifteen ball packs as below.


Q: Why are some budget golf balls packed into 15′s?

A: This policy is “Retail Driven” and is unavoidable for us. It enables manufacturers to “hit” certain price points on the high street and in golf shops. At the moment only Wilson offer 15 ball packs with the Wilson Ultra and Wilson Tour Velocity Golf Balls.


Q: What is the lead time on logo golf balls?

A: Our average despatch time is around 5-7 working days from artwork approval.


Q: Can you provide a Rush Order Service on golf balls?

A: Yes we can, usually available on the most popular types of golf balls and is obviously dependent upon the complexity of the logo and the number of colours to be printed, please enquire when needed.


Q: Why can’t golf balls be shipped out the same day immediately upon being printed?

A: Golf balls are printed with a two part ink and so take around one day for the ink to cure.


Q: What is the minimum order?

A: The most economic quantity is 12 dozen minimum order on logo golf balls but on most brands we offer minimum order 3 dozen balls.


Q: What is the difference between personalised and logo golf balls?

A: Personalised golf balls are text only in one standard colour and logo golf balls carry a corporate logo in the customer’s specific pantone colours.


Q: How do I submit my customer’s logo and what are the preferred logo formats?

A: We need to receive the logo by e-mail and the artwork needs to be a vector file. The format can be : eps, ai, corel draw, vector saved as pdf, we accept most formats as long as is a vector file.


Q: What is the Maximum Print Area on a golf ball?

A: The maximum print area is 24mm diameter.


Q: Why is the maximum print area on a golf ball only 24mm diameter?

A: Basically because a golf ball is round and the print method is pad print. When the silicon pad contacts the golf ball the rounded end of the pad compresses over the part of the golf ball that is being printed. Because the golf ball is round and the pad is compressing over a round surface, distortion of the print would occur if the attempted print area was too large. For example if you tried to print a square that is larger than the maximum print area of 24mm diameter then the logo would “bow” i.e. the sides of the square would appear curved instead of straight.


Q: How are the logos positioned on the golf balls?

A: This varies dependent upon the position of and the size of the existing manufacturer’s identification markings on the golf ball. The printer will position the logo at their digression. This is never a problem.


Q: Can I ask for the logo to be position exactly to the millimetre in line with the manufacturer’s marking on a golf ball?

A: No not really. Whilst the print position of the logos is accurate enough to be commercially acceptable please do understand that the positioning of the golf ball in the jig or holder, in preparation of applying the print, is done by human hand and is reliant upon the operator's accuracy of eye.


Q: What is the imprint quality?

A: Pad printing on to golf balls achieves a great quality imprint.


Q: What is the maximum colour of print on to golf balls?

A: Five Colours.


Q: How do I know if you have received my golf ball order?

A: We send you a sales order acknowledgement and a pdf proof.

Creative Promotions celebrates 50 years as a trusted supplier to industry.
Creative Promotions celebrates 50 years as a trusted supplier to industry.

Creative Promotions a long-standing “business to business” supplier of Creative Promotional Branded Products, is celebrating our 50th anniversary this year. Launched in 1971, Creative Promotions has evolved with the needs of growing businesses to provide a one-stop shop for Promotional Products and corporate workwear.

Jim Stewart, Managing Director of Creative Promotions said “Creative Promotions has been setting the standard for Promotional Products, Branded Gifts and Workwear for 50 years; we are so pleased to celebrate a half-century in operation, delivering the best possible service to our customers. From selling just a handful of products via telephone and face to face meetings in 1971, to the thousands of items now available to purchase today at the click of a button, Creative Promotions has evolved with the needs of modern businesses.

This past year has been our toughest yet, but I’m delighted to say we have survived and have even attracted new customers with our range of COVID 19 Safety Products, Social Distancing Stickers and Workwear and of course our essential branded face masks. “

To mark the occasion, Creative Promotions has produced a limited-edition commemorative 50th Anniversary Notebook and Pen, customers spending more than £500 in one order will receive this gift with their delivery, while stocks last.

Jim Stewart continues: “Despite 50 years in operation and an ever-evolving product range, the values Creative Promotions was built on remain in place: exceptional quality, outstanding customer service and up-to-date products. And as the demands placed on modern businesses continue to change – from the UK’s departure from the EU to the adoption of COVID safety measures and mandatory lockdowns– Creative Promotions has the expertise to help its customers through these transitions; we will ensure our products remain relevant.”

Please visit www.creativepromotions.co.uk to see the full range of products or call 0141 332 7471.